The Distinguishing Elements of European Roulette

Since the different variations of roulette were introduced in countries that cater casinos and online gambling, casino players began to explore the rules of the three roulette variations, European, American and french roulette. According to professional roulette players, among the three variations, it is the European roulette which has the less complicated rules and elements. In this regard, it will be better and it will be of their advantage if new players consider playing this game before trying the French and american roulette because the mechanics of European roulette are easy to follow, learn and apply.

Of course there are effective betting techniques to be used when playing the European roulette. But for the sake of people who have just begun their career in playing roulette, this section will focus more on the important elements in European roulette. Once they have learned the basics in European roulette they are free to explore the mechanics of American and French roulette.

The important elements in European roulette include the roulette wheel, roulette table and roulette chips. The European roulette wheel can easily be identified because it has 37 pockets colored with red and black with numbers ranging from 0 to 36. The appearance of the European roulette wheel differs in American roulette wheel in terms of the number of pockets because the latter has 38 colored pockets that bear the numbers 00 to 36.

On the other hand, the table of the European roulette can easily be distinguished from the table used in French roulette because the languages written in the French roulette table are all in French while the language used in the European roulette table is in English. Lastly, the chips distributed to European roulette players have the same color which forced them to memorize the pocket or pockets where they placed their bet, while the chips given to American roulette players have different colors so that they can easily identify the bets they placed.

It is important that every player has a background or knowledge about the basic differences in the important elements used in playing the European, American and French roulette. Even if the information discussed in this section are very elementary, roulette players may not be successful if they have sufficient knowledge about the variations in roulette. It will be helpful if roulette players know every detail of the different types of the game because these will affect their winnings in the game.