The En Prison Rule in French Roulette

Every game in casino offers distinct experience for players. Some players are hooked with a particular game maybe because they experience greater odds of winning in that game. However, there are also players who continue playing a game because of the excitement and enjoyment associated with that game.

For serious gamblers and advanced players, every detail of the game is important. In the case of roulette players, every changes or alterations made in the mechanics of the game are significant to players. Hence, the development of the different variations of roulette has greatly affected every serious roulette player.

Every roulette variation has unique features. One of the distinct characteristics of the french roulette is the use of the En Prison rule. The En Prison rule gives benefits or advantages to players. The rule says that players who placed an even-money bet has a chance to get back half of their bets if the roulette ball rests in the pocket bearing the number zero.

This rule is very popular among French roulette players since this game is known for this specific rule. Some resources said that the implementation of the rule varies in different casinos. There are some casinos which introduce changes in the rule like if players placed bets in a red pocket and the ball rests in a red pocket with a different number, the players will be able to get half of their bet.

The application of the En Prison rule affects the house edge of the French roulette. It decreases the house edge of the game which encourages more players to try the game because it only shows that they have better chances of winning in the game.

Since there are variations made in this particular rule, it is a must that players who plan to play the French roulette first ask casino employees or owners concerning how they implement the En Prison rule in their facilities. In this manner, players will be well-informed before engaging in a round of French roulette.

For players it will not be harmful but it will be of their great advantage if they have a deep knowledge about how the En Prison rule is applied in French roulette. With this knowledge, they will be informed that they will have better chance of winning in French roulette. To new roulette players, they are also advised to seek advice from professional players before trying the game because if they are unaware of the different rules that apply in French, American and European roulette, they may suffer negative consequences caused by their negligence.