The Odds and House Edge in American Roulette

Knowing the odds or one's chance of winning or losing in a single round in American roulette is one of the most important things that every casino player should take into consideration before trying the game. There are several factors that affect the odds in a particular game offered in casinos. It is important that the house edge of the game should be known before playing the game because it affects the probabilities in winning.

There are other casino games that have greater house edge than the American roulette. However, if casino players are observant and knowledgeable about the different variations of roulette, they will realize that among the three versions of the game, it is the American roulette which has the greatest house edge. In this regard, many believe that the greater house edge of the game is one of the reasons why there are players who do not want to try the game.

Based on studies conducted by gambling experts, the American roulette has a house edge of 5.26 per cent while both the European and French roulette have 2.70 per cent house edge. It is found that the addition of the double zero digit in the pockets of the American roulette wheel is the primary reason why the game has greater house edge.

House edge and casino games odds always go hand in hand. In this manner, people cannot blame most roulette players who choose playing the European and French roulette over the American roulette. For serious gamblers who still want to play the American roulette, they are advised to learn techniques that would improve their chance when they play the game.

Many gamblers do not advise players to play the American roulette. Furthermore, betting in the American roulette is considered one of the worst bets in roulette. However, it is still better if players have a personal experience of playing the game. After all, they are the ones who will be able to tell if the game is advantageous for them.

For casino players who just visit the establishment for the sake of enjoying and having fun, they are recommended to play the American roulette because the excitement felt when a person plays the game is not affected by having a greater house edge. Thus, the addition of the pocket bearing the double zero digit is also believed to increase the thrill and excitement experienced by players who tried their fate in the game.