Differentiating the American Roulette Rules From Other Roulette Variations

It is important that roulette players know the variations in the mechanics of American, european and french roulette. The rules of the three variations in roulette will assist players in exploring their luck and chance in the game. Aside from the fact that the rules of the game are necessary to one's success, if a player is negligent of studying the different mechanics of the game, one may be confused regarding the type of roulette that is best to play.

If we would trace the history of the american roulette, we will find out that the game originated in some casinos in Louisiana, specifically in the city of New Orleans. Since the mechanics or the rules of the game are easy to understand, American roulette was adapted in other gambling establishments in the United States.

Basically, the mechanics of American roulette do not differ totally from the other roulette variations. There are just few modifications that may not affect the common practices in plating roulette. Hence, the alterations in the rules of the game will be the highlight of this section.

Just the same with the European and french roulette, each round of American roulette is facilitated by a dealer who is also called as the croupier. The croupier is the one responsible for the distribution of chips that would be used by players when placing their bets in the roulette table. Players should buy chips from the dealer and every player has a different set of colored chips that are distinct with each other. In this manner, players of American roulette will not be confused and the croupier can easily identify who is the owner of every chip.

Since each chip does not have any monetary value on it, the croupier is in-charged with assigning tokens to each chip placed in the table to identify the amount of bet a player has placed. After the players have gotten their chips, the croupier will give a signal that instructs that players can start betting. Betting can continue until the dealer says "no more bets" which tells players that betting has stopped.

After betting, the players will just wait in which pocket the ball will stop. Unlike in the European roulette, there is no special rule in American roulette. So, even if the ball rests in the pocket with the number 0, all bets that are not placed in this pocket will not be counted in the succeeding round.

Even if the game has disadvantages from other roulette variations, players should try the game first before concluding that they will not benefit from it. There are players who believe that they are luckier in American roulette than in European and French roulette. Thus, it is still up to their decision whether they will try their luck in the game.