Differentiating the European Roulette From the American and French Roulette

The increasing interest of casino visitors in playing roulette caused gambling experts to create variations in roulette. The variations in roulette enable players to choose which type of roulette they will have better chances of winning. The different variations of the game have features that are unique with each other which allow players to decide which kind of roulette they will experience better excitement and enjoyment.

The three roulette variations are the European, American and the french roulette. Among all, the european roulette is the most played type of roulette. Aside from the fact that the mechanics of the European roulette are easy to learn, this version also has a lesser house edge which means that European roulette players have greater odds of winning. Since this version is the most famous of all, it will be better to discuss the distinct features of the European roulette.

What is the European roulette? Every roulette player should know the important elements of European roulette to easily differentiate it from the other versions. Some of the basic information that a novice player should know about European roulette is that its roulette wheel has 37 colored pockets bearing numbers that range from 0 to 36. Half of the pockets are colored red, while the other half is colored black. To easily identify the pocket bearing the zero-digit, the pocket is colored green.

For starters, every player should purchase chips from the dealer who is also known as the croupier before a player will be eligible to place bets in the roulette table. Every player shares the same color of chips so they players are forced to know where they place their bets. In this particular version, if the roulette ball stops on the pocket with the number zero, all bets are not eliminated and the bets are qualified to the next round.

The European roulette is facilitated or administered by a croupier who is in-charged of telling the players when to start and stop placing their bets. The croupier is also the one responsible for collecting the bets and awarding the person who won in the round.

The information included in this section is the basic knowledge that a player should know before playing the European roulette. Every casino visitor is encouraged to know the other versions of roulette, American roulette and French roulette, so they will have other options regarding which type of roulette they will play. However, every one is advised that roulette players try the different versions to identify which version they have a better chance of winning.