Identifying the American Roulette from the European and French Roulette

The popularity of roulette can be traced since its introduction in casinos in France in the 1800s. Because the mechanics of the game are easy to understand, many people are hooked with the hope that they will improve their lives through this game. The prominence of roulette in other nations including the United States led to the creation of the different types of the game.

The three variations of roulette are the American, European and french roulette. Each of them has distinct characteristics. Some of their differences can be easily identified by players but some players need a lot of research to know the uniqueness in how the variations of roulette are played. In this regard, it will be helpful if players know their basic differences so they will be able to decide which type is best to play.

It will be confusing if we will discuss every detail of the American, European and French roulette. For the understanding of new players, this section will focus on the structure and mechanics of the american roulette. But still, this will provide an overview of the basic structure of the European and French roulette.

A gambler can easily determine an American roulette wheel because it is the most unique of all the three roulette wheels. The American roulette wheel has 38 colored pockets with numbers ranging from 00 to 36. According to researches, when roulette was brought to casinos in the United States, some casino owners decided to add a 00 digit in the pockets of the roulette wheel. The addition of the 00 digit led to the development of American roulette. The primary reason for increasing the number of pockets of roulette is to enhance the house edge of the game.

Basically the rules of American roulette are similar with European roulette, however there are slight differences. These include the color of chips used by American roulette players. Unlike in European roulette where players share the same color of chips, American roulette players were given different colors of chips that they can be used when placing bets.

Every roulette player is encouraged to try the different variations of the game so that they will have an idea regarding which roulette version is suited for them. There are some players who still prefer the American roulette over the European and French roulette because its house edge adds excitement to the game. As a whole, American roulette is also recommended to players because it enables players to enjoy while hoping that they still have a chance to enhance their stakes.